2018 Rural Municipal Election Candidates and Unofficial Results

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RM of Nipawin No. 487

Wednesday, October 24th (9AM - 8PM)
Codette Community Centre

Election Results

Position Division Name Gender Incumbent Acclaimed Results Votes Received
Councillor Div 4 Arnold Schellenberg Male Yes Yes Re-elected
Councillor Div 6 Joe Woodward Male Yes Yes Re-elected
Councillor Div 2 Ken Schreiner Male Yes No Re-elected 33
Councillor Div 2 Jason Bzdel Male No No Defeated 18
Reeve n/a Hoppe Dona Female No No Newly Elected 200
Reeve n/a Froese Jason Male No No Defeated 29

Updated on October 24, 2018, 9:33 pm